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What our customers say about Stop Silent Light

No electronic system (case study)
„We installed an electronic check valve for our customer. Twice the electronic failed. After the last incidence, we recommended Stop Silent Light to our customer: A check valve that functions totally autonomous."
Mr. Davide Castellano, Badertscher + Co AG, 3006 Bern


Save lives
„We had problems with frogs and other small animals which intruded through the overflow into the reservoir. Stop Silent Light works as well as a flap gate and saves thereby a lot of small animals."
Herr Markus Zimmerli, EW Oftringen AG, 4665 Oftringen


Express installation
„It was a painful experience. Within a short timespan our basement was flooded twice! The fastest and most efficient solution to solve this problem is Stop Silent Light. Furthermore, we could order it express so it was possible to install it as fast as possible."
Family Tassi, 4665 Oftringen


No fermentation gas
„Malodorous sewer gas was entering in my house through the canal system. After installing Stop Silent Light, the problem with odour nuisance was solved reliable."
Mr. Armin Rautenberg, 4143 Dornach


Easy backfitting
„Specialising in reconstruction, it occurs more and more frequently that the cellar room is rebuilt into a living room. In order that this valuable room mustn't be flooded we installed Stop Silent Light. A backfitting is as well easy possible."
Mr. Stefan Lüthi, Stefan Lüthi Architektur GmbH, 9552 Bronschhofen


  • Gemeindeverwaltung Geroldswil, Herr Marco Kühn, CH-8954 Geroldswil
  • EW Oftringen AG, Herr Markus Zimmerli, CH-4665 Oftringen
  • P. + S. Christen Sanitär AG, CH-8307 Effretikon
  • Eugster + Partner AG, Architekturbüro, CH-6260 Reiden
  • Frau Margrit Gander, CH-6370 Stans
  • Frau Cordula Gysin, CH-4632 Trimbach
  • Herr David Meier, CH-4246 Wahlen b. Laufen