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Fields of application

Water distribution
For water distribution, tight valves are fundamental. Stop Silent controls the water flow reliably and safely. In Switzerland, hundreds of thousands of Stop Silent valves are in use.


Pumps, Compressors
As foot operated valve to secure the water column as well as to maintain the supplied volume.


Food industry
In production plants of the glucose industry, Stop Silent secures the flow direction combined with a low maintenance working.


Process technology
In the production plants, Stop Silent secures a controlled direction of flow. Unwanted and dangerous mixing of mediums and damage to the equipment can thereby be avoided.


As well as
House and business connections        Water-gauge installation

Petrochemical installations
  Treatment of water

Heating systems
  Sanitary facilities

Ground water pumps

Pressure air installations
  Chemical production plants

Pneumatic systems
  Solar technology

Cooling water systems
  Ventilation systems

Foot operated valves
  Water meters and flow meters

Irrigation plants

Washing machines
  Filtration plants