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System description

Provides simple and efficient backflow prevention.
This check valve has no movable parts and consists of only two components.


Characteristics of the check valve for the backflow prevention of liquid and gaseous media:

  • tight shut-off under minimum back pressure
  • shuts securely even in conditions of low impurification (sand)
  • almost silent and gentle shutting (no hammering)
  • low cracking pressure
  • no movable, prone to wear parts (low in maintenance, long-lasting)
  • shuts in media in which mechanical valves stick (glucose, chocolate)
  • good chemical resistance, corrosion-resistant
  • easy and reasonable installation, even later (between flanges)
  • functions simultaneously as a filter (protects pumps and installations)
  • secures the flow measuring (measuring errors are impossible because of recoil)
  • operates in any direction