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Valve cores and valve bodies:
AS 41: in standard unions
AS 54: between flanges
AS NU: bolted, tightened with O-Ring
SFL: flanged-valve
MKV: multicone-valve

Diaphragms and Media:
Ethylen-propylene, EPDM: cold and warm water
Nitrile, NBR: mineral oil and media containing oil
Fluorcarbon, Viton®: acids and alkalies
Fluorsilicone: acids and alkalies
Silicone: FDA conform
Applications and maximum capacity:
pressures up to 232 psi (16 bar)
speed for fluids 10 feet/sec. (2.5 m/sec.)
and for gases 50 feet/sec. (15 m/sec.)
temperatures up to 356°F  (180°C)
(depending on pressure and diaphragm)